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Hey Pastor Beaman!

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today. I wanted to shoot an email with information of the organization my best friend and I started close to ten years ago. The name is Delaware Elite, and we strive to holistically change the lives of young men by using sports. In order to play basketball, we require our guys to do community service, college prep classes, leadership classes and keep their required gpa....among many other things. I am proud to say that our first group of seniors graduated in May, more importantly all are in college. What makes me most proud, is that this group as freshman had a cumulative gpa of 2.3, in May 2013 when they graduated, a cumulative gpa was a 3.4.

At the age of 31, I am able to see how fortunate I was as a young man. While I believe my parents are the two greatest individuals that have walked the planet earth. I recognize that if it were not for many different groups and individuals (teachers, coaches, concerned neighbors, mentors, and Bethel) I probably would not be where I am today. I am a product of love, tough love, and people seeing things in me, that I could have never visioned for myself.

To this day, I can specifically remember getting those "Bethel Care Packages"....can't forget the $200. While in college, it was touching to know that there were a group of people back home in Wilmington, DE thinking about me. I just want you to know, that because of the churches kindness and generosity, Delaware Elite is doing the same thing with our young men. I hope that one day, they will pay forward all that they have learned. 

Thanks again, I will definitely let you know the next time I am back home. Please feel free to view our website in the meantime. www.del-elite.org

Best, Eugene


I want to thank everyone that took the time and considered lending a hand to the clothing effort for the Clothing Bank of Delaware on Monday. We contributed more than 30 bags of good clothing, which will make a direct impact to those in need. I thank GOD for the following angels; Karen Bostick, Cheryl Umbles, Fred Baynard and Suzanne(beautiful gate) who showed up without being asked. I thank the Pastor for allowing us to use BETHEL for GOD's work - I love my church. The next clothing drive will be scheduled in the fall.

Sister JoAnn Wright