Trustee Board

To manage the temporal affairs of the church with excellence and provide for the maintenance, improvements, acquisition and disposition of church property


Brother Michael Vuaghn, Trustee Board President

  • Pastor Silvester S. Beaman, Chairman
  • Brother Michael Vuaghn,


The following are brief descriptions of sub-committee responsibilities.


  • Desmond Baker - Chair
  • Kevin McAllister, Sub-Committee Member
  • Frank Wallace, Sub-Committee Member
  • John Barnes, Sub-Committee Member

This committee is responsible for the over-all up-keep of church real estate and fixed assets. This includes maintenance, repair, upgrades, replacement and coordinating with required professionals on proposals, specifications, costs etc. and making recommendations to the appropriate boards for required actions.


  • Michael Vaughan, Chair
  • Frank Wallace, Sub-Committee Member
  • John Barnes, Sub-Committee Member

This committee is responsible for the legal concerns of the church. This includes vital records management, local, state and federal compliance concerns, church and employee liability issues and other related matters of financial, administrative and historical importance.


  • Greg Scudder, Chair
  • Kevin McAllister, Sub-Committee Member
  • Joesph Bryant, Sub-Committee Member

This committee is responsible for identification, purchase, operating condition, storage, receipt, issue, inventory, protection and disposition of church owned equipment and supplies. This includes acceptance of donated equipment and supplies, equipment not designated as fixed assets, management of an equipment replacement schedule and establishing methods periodic maintenance and inventory control.


  • George Dennis, Chair
  • Rodney Little, Sub-Committee Member
  • Robert Wright I, Sub-Committee Member

This committee is responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for food preparation and related services. This includes establishing operational guidelines, conducting regular inspections of equipment and general service area, scheduling and conducting training, monitoring food preparation and storage, monitoring food service personnel for compliance to local, state and federal regulations and posting appropriate licenses.


This committee is responsible for the transportation needs of the church: This includes recruiting qualifying and training drivers, vehicle maintenance and repair, conducting safety and state inspections, record keeping, making recommendation for vehicle replacement or disposition, investigating and reporting accident and traffic violations, coordinating the use of vehicles, coordinating to request to lease vehicles to support church needs and removing drivers who are in violation of the policy.


  • Chris Chamberlain, Chair
  • Malik Cross, Sub-Committee Member
  • Michael Walls, Sub-Committee Member
  • Rodney Little, Sub-Committee Member

This committee is responsible for church safety. This includes both exterior and interior of the church and the church grounds, coordinating with Deeds and Abstract, and Building and grounds to maintain an effective church evacuation plan, maintaining a church monitoring system, monitoring church fire alarm and intrusion systems, coordinating fire alarm and intrusion system inspections, monitoring and inspecting door locking mechanisms, maintaining an effective church security team, conducting evacuation training and drills and record keeping.



  • William Collins, Chair
  • Kevin Coleman, Sub-Committee Member
  • Sherry Dorsey Walker, Sub-Committee Member

This committee is responsible for operational technical support for church automated and related systems, providing software and hardware support, providing systems access controls, providing specifications and recommendation for purchase of equipment, maintaining system protection from viruses and unauthorized use, generating required report for management purposes and maintaining appropriate licenses.

Personnel Committe

  • Elizabeth Neal, Chair
  • Kevin Coleman, Sub-Committee Member
  • Sherry Dorsey-Walker, Sub-Committee Member

Name Position
Pastor Silvester S. Beaman Chairperson
Brother Michael Vaughan President; Chair, Deeds and Abstracts
Sister Elizabeth Neal Vice President; Chair, Personnel Committee
Brother Frank Wallace Treasurer; Deeds and Abstracts; Buildings and Grounds
Sister Terry Toliver Assistant Treasurer
Brother Kevin McAllister Secretary; Buildings and Grounds; Equipment and Supplies
Brother Robert Wright I Equipment and Supplies; Kitchen Rentals
Brother Greg Scudder Parliamentarian; Infomation Technology; Personnel Committee
Brother Desmond Baker Chair, Buildings and Grounds
Brother John Barnes Deeds and Abstracts; Buildings and Grounds
Brother Chris Chamberlain Chair, Security
Brother Joseph Bryant Equipment and Supplies
Brother Kevin Coleman Parliamentarian; Chair, Equipment and Supplies
Brother William Collins Chair, Information Technology
Sister Sherry Dorsey Walker Information Technology; Personnel Committee
Brother George Dennis Chair, Kitchen Rentals
Brother Rodney Little Kitchen Rentals
Brother Malik Cross Security
Brother Michael Walls Security