Our Pastor

God Focused, Christ Centered, Spirit Led: Experience Transformative Worship with Biblical Integrity

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Wilmington, Delaware
Rev. Silvester S. Beaman, Pastor


Dear Bethelites,


The election and inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America is a seminal moment for our nation. He ascends to the presidency at one of the most difficult times in American history. We are at war on two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan. The economic stability of the nation is tenuous perhaps not experienced since the days of the Great Depression. The loss of jobs and home foreclosures are staggering. Violence and social disturbances in our inner cities punctuate these uncertain times. In this climate, the people of God must remain resolute in their trust and faith that the sovereignty of God is sufficient.

For this reason the theme for Bethel Church in 2009 is "God Focused, Christ Centered Holy Spirit Directed Transformative Worship with Biblical Integrity". This theme asserts that worship is central for the Christian Community. However this type of worship is not ordinary or perfunctory. It is not worship neither instituted nor executed out of a sense of obligation with an ordinary spirit. It is worship that is biblically rooted, focused on God and Christologically centrifugal lead of the Holy Spirit. It is worship as praise to God for the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. It is worship that is dynamic and edifying. From this central point, the faithful, in worship are encouraged and empowered in a transformational manner.

This type of worship will keep us grounded in difficulty and focused to share the Gospel through our various ministry enterprises. It is the goal of the Pastor, Ministerial Staff, Steward Board and Church leaders to provide worship that is inviting, spiritually invigorating and biblically based. Such worship will give new meaning to the phrase, "You've come to worship, now leave to serve. Go in peace". We will accomplish this through:

  • Powerful relevant biblically based Preaching
  • Bible study and Sunday Church School that is biblically based and relevant to our times
  • Praise and worship that invites congregational participation
  • Choral music and instrumentality that is uplifting
  • Church fellowship that affirms and is spiritually restorative

I am excited about God and as equally excited about how He will pour out His Spirit upon Bethel Church in 2009. My prayer is that you might be blessed at the level of your faith. That these blessing are spread abroad and in your worship and living God is glorified.

Grace and Peace,
pastor sign
Pastor Beaman