Steward Board I

Bro. Juan Roach Bro. Robert Adams
Bro. Daryl Brown Bro. John Taylor
Bro. Everett Dickerson Bro. Charles Drummer
Bro. Clarence Fleming Bro. Ron Hall
Bro. Richard Thomas Bro. Harvey White
Sis. Dottie Young Sis. Althea Bond
Sis. Betty Camper Sis. Kim Collins
Sis. Jean Cotton Sis. Gladys Glover
Sis. Gloria Oakley Sis. Gloria Walls
Sis. Sandy Williams Sis. Tanya Williams

Description, Mission and goals of ministry: The Steward Board executes their duties per the Doctrine and Discipleship of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Meeting times: The first Monday of each month