Stewardess Boards I-IV

Stewardess Board II

MISSION: To aid in fostering the spiritual development of the congregation through preparation of the Holy Communion, and the Holy Baptism elements when assigned. (Love Feast included).

Months of service: January, May and September

Annual Stewardess Day is the third Sunday in July

Meeting dates: After dressing the Alter on scheduled months to serve.

Other meetings or social events are at the call of the President.

Required meetings: Official Board meetings and Quarterly Conference

RECENT ACTIVITIES: Wilmington District Conference- September 14-16, 2017 Stewardess Board II served during services.

Recent success stories: Board President Barbara Smith-Little spoke individually with Stewardess' on her board that were lagging in their duties. She gave them the option to become emeritus if they could not perform their assigned duties. Everyone re-committed that were lagging in their duties. We had 100% participation in the month of September 2017 for assigned duties!

Two members of this board, Barbara and Leesa are volunteers for Family Promise Program, under the leadership of Rev. Shirley Saunders. This is Barbara's 4th year of service.